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HX 65 Series
         HX 65 Series
         Adopts high aluminum ceramic to produce the shaft,for fresh and sea water
         double use. Adopts super-quality ABS original particles to shape the case,
         which is never wear out.Double use for under or adove the water.
HX 68 Series
         HX 68 Series
         It applies for water draining,oxygen providing,wave-making,filtration & fountain.
         Adopts strong sucker to fix pump intensively ,which is never chapped.
HX 88 Series
         HX 88 Series
         Precious high aluminum ceramic shaft,for fresh and sea water dual use. Double
         water-cooled structure for rapid heat dissipation.Adopts high quality resin to
         seal the winding and never leak electricity.
Low flow water pump
         Low Flow Water Pump
         ABS original particles case, pound-resisting and long service life. service life.
         High quality stainless steel shaft,suitable for fresh and sea water. Strong sucker
         for easy installation and maintenance.
Multifunction water pump
         Multifunction Water Pump
         Low water level/internal multifunctional immersible pump can provide powerful water
         criculation of strong consistent flow below water level.The pump produces water
         columns that rise up 1.3-2.8m above the water surface.
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